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Members decide cases presented by the Zoning Administrator who is charged with Zoning Ordinance enforcement. Also, variances may be granted from an ordinance which results in undue hardship. Party must submit a Variance Request. An application fee must accompany each request and does not guarantee approval by the board.

The Board of Appeals consists of one Township Board member, one member from the Planning Commission, three residents plus one alternate to serve in the event of a conflict of interest or absence.

There are no regular scheduled meetings, only as requested and in a manner governed by law governing proper notification and posting. All meetings and are open to the public.

Andy Dennis (Chair) 1/1/2011
Mike Iutzi 1/1/2011
Lola Steele 1/1/2011
Ron Gibson 1/1/2011
Bob Bess (Plan. Comm. Rep) 1/1/2011
Scott Evans (alt) 1/1/2011

Form: Request for Zoning Ordinance Variance


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