• Zoning Administrator, Mark Janeczko
  Call for appointment: 989-506-7897 or


• Assist property owners in all aspects of ordinances, permits and appeals.
• Accept permit applications relating to land uses and zoning, approve or deny these requests based on compliance      with existing ordinances and laws. Has no authority to vary from the terms of the ordinances to satisfy a request.
• Review site plans & special use applications for completeness, forward to Planning Commission for consideration.
• Process applications for appeals or variances which must be decided by Zoning Board of Appeals.
• Perform periodic inspections for ordinance compliance, answer complaints and provide periodic reports to Planning     Commission.
• Advise Planning Commission of matters needing their attention.
• Maintain records of forms, plans, site visits and actions taken.
• Submit status reports & attend Planning Commission meetings as requested.
• Report blight situations and complaints to the Blight Administrator.

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Zoning Permit Form
Request for Zoning Ordinance Variance

Master Zoning Ordinance - Adopted 11-7-2013
Zoning Ordinance Amendment Adopted 2-5-2015: Section 3.2 Zoning Permit Requirement
Zoning Ordinance – Article 21: Supplemental Provisions Amendment

Adopted May 5, 2016
Proposed Camping Ordinance of July 14, 2015
Master Zoning Ordinance Map – Adopted 11-7-2013
Municipal Civil Infraction Ordinance – Adopted 7-3-2014
Cemetery Ordinance - Adopted 3-6-2014
Anti-Noise Ordinance - Effective September 11, 2013
Junk and Blight Ordinance – Effective August 7, 2013
Beach-No 53 - Amended Jan 2, 2014
Nuisance Animal Ordinance 10-4-12
Wind Energy Ordinance 11-8-09
Camping Ordinance Amended Jan 2, 2014
ORV Ordinance - Amended 3-6-2014